Another 15 Days

i’m fasting today. when today is over, i got another 15 days of fasting. sempat ke nak settle. buatnye tetiba ter… pulak dah satu hal. tapi tak naklah pikir bab yg ni sebab it will come another problem which makes me worry (in fact more than that). it will resolve only after i see the O&G (hope i won’t forget to make an appointment a.s.a.p.).

jumlah hutang puasa saya ialah 25 days. 20 days due to wiladah and nifas (man-man born on the 8th ramadhan 2008). another 5 days adalah hutang tahun 2007 yg tak sempat diganti sebelum ramadhan tahun 2008 sebab saya tak berkemampuan (preggy kan mase tu). owh, it reminds me to pay the fidyah for 5 days also.

pasni if ada rezeki kene plan bebetul tarikh sebegini. sebolehnye nak elak la deliver in ramadhan. jenuh pulun ganti puasa. taaapi, nobody can deny. puasa memang sangat bagus. saya betul2 sedar perut sudah mengecil. sebab bile waktu berbuka mesti takkan larat makan byk2. makan sikit dah kenyang. kira bagus la camtu kan. lunch hour pun no need ribut2 to get the meal. i have more time to solat and what not (also updating this blog, ngehehe).

so all the best to myself. siti aisyah, please fulfill ur obligation.


About sitiaisyah83

Smart and witty. Outgoing, very chatty. Lively, energetic. Adaptable but needs to express herself. Argumentative and outspoken. Likes change. Versatile. Busy, sometimes nervous and tense. Gossips. May seem superficial or inconsistent, but is only changeable. Beautiful physically and mentally.
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